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We use modern equipment and technologies to deliver accurate results. All our teams are equipped with the latest laser measuring equipment, accurate multi-angle cutting machines and pneumatic drilling, nailing and routing tools.
Every site is measured and documented, then our designers reproduce it in both 2D and 3D showing all relevant information. A project timeline is generated according to the tasks at hand and the availability of materials. From all that a cost plan is developed.
Akswood Interiors Ltd is basically an ideas factory. No task is undertaken without considerable consultation and extensive research. We twist and turn the client brief and test it to its limits, then formulate the solution before any work begins. This proces of finding solutions will continue until the successful completion of the project.
All our teams are equipped with the latest laser measuring equipment, accurate multi-angle cutting machines and pneumatic drilling, nailing and routing tools.
Being able to select a color and having it mixed to the exact hue you selected is mostly a game of chance. At Akswood Interiors Ltd though, our team of experienced paint specialists make it a breeze. As well as picking out the correct color paint, our designers will help you really visualize your ideas and bring them to fruition.
This company was originally built on bringing modern kitchen facilities to the masses. To date we have never made the same kitchen twice. We always scour the supply chain to find rare gems in the rough, then polish them to perfection and hand-over to you a well thought out and resposive kitchen.
Nowadays savvy clients are using the power of the internet to challenge designers and stretch their cabilities to the limit in order to serve their specific needs. More and more organisations or individuals are using designers to plan their environments for optimum utilization because they have seen the benefits of a good design.
Every serious building in Nairobi town wears that creamish 500mm by 500mm ceramic tile! We promise to never lay that tile on your floor and to always stay at the cutting edge of floor design.
When considering a ceiling design, you should always have a lighting scheme to lead it. Therefore before you chose you ceiling design, you should have analysed your illumination requirements. Also, we don't have to use every excuse to put up a gypsum ceiling, rather we should always research all available ceiling solutions before settling on one. With a dedicated team of ceiling and lighting designers, Akswood Interiors Ltd would be your best bet.
At Akswood Interiors Ltd we have a long history of using automatic machines on the cutting edge of engineering such that it is never really a question. We have some of the most sophisticated construction equipment in the industry in Kenya - each dedicated to a specific function, according to the needs of the task. You will be amazed at the level of technology we can rain down on your project.
Every year hundreds of people are killed due to negilegence in the workplace. For us Health & Safety is of the highest priority in every task and on every site. Health & Safety to us is not just a mantra but a behavior that we espouse. Whatever we build for you has to conform to both Kenyan and to International standards of Health & Safety. It is the magic dust that runs a successful site.